• Cost Analysis/Budgeting
  • Design Review
  • Value Engineering
Clients are discovering that the best way to eliminate budget overruns is to hire a general contractor at an early stage of design; even before the design consultants have been identified and hired. Initiating preconstruction services early on in a project creates a positive team relationship where benefits highly outweigh costs. When teaming with HB for preconstruction needs, clients are impressed by the intricate knowledge and experience we have in regards to coordinating successful projects from inception. As a majority of construction decisions are made within the initial design phase, HB understands how critical the preconstruction phase is to ensuring that clients get the most out of their budgets. Taking advantage of these services will result in fewer change orders which equates to the project staying on schedule and within budget.


The general contracting method is a traditional method of construction that is recommended for owners with a permit set of drawings who are ready to start construction.  Our general contracting work is most often performed under a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contract or lump sum arrangement. Acting as general contractor, HB assumes full responsibility for completing a construction project, on time and within the specified budget. HB utilizes 5 key points when acting as a general contractor.
  1. Project Scheduling
  2. Coordination and Supervision
  3. Project Management
  4. Means and Methods of Construction
  5. Project Accounting


HB’s role and responsibilities as construction manager are similar to the services provided under general contracting; however, the scope may be significantly reduced, depending on the client’s requirements. Typical construction management services include project scheduling, udgeting, supervision and quality control. Our fees for these services are generally arranged on a cost plus fixed fee method, depending on the project. Construction management arrangements are more suitable for clients with prior construction experience and those willing to actively participate in the building process.

The construction management approach utilized by HB Construction, oversees the entire building process on behalf of the client and becomes a partner in the process. In our experience, an effective CM works with the architect and the engineers during the design phase, offering value-engineering ideas on an ongoing basis from before design begins.


Design/build services are a popular option for clients who wish to eliminate construction cost overruns that occur from uncoordinated or incomplete design documents. design/build allows HB to lead the design team and warrant the adequacy of the construction documents. Our design/build team absorbs possible deficiencies in the design documents. Having this single-point-of-contact process shortens the design and construction duration, allowing for a fast-track construction schedule.
In the design/build approach, HB acts as the single point of contact and manages the architect and engineers on your behalf. Our clients choose the design/build approach because of our ability to develop a cohesive team and manage the process from beginning to end. This method is recommended when cost and schedule are the most important factors.